ACC Resolution 1992

The following resolutions were passed by the Board of Directors and ratified by those in attendance at the Annual Meeting in November 1992.


“All Tiffany property owners are reminded that all Tiffany property must be used and maintained for properly designated purposes only. Approved landscape plans must be implemented and maintained only as prescribed. Landscaped areas not approved for parking cannot be used for parking purposes. This includes the parking of vehicles of any kind. For example, walkways from the sidewalk to the house must be maintained free of motor vehicles or other uses. Also, decorative gravel areas must not be used for parking. The parking of motor vehicles in areas of a landscape plan not approved for parking would be a violation of the Restrictive Covenants of our community.”


The Board of Directors rescind the January 1991 resolution granting a 10-day grace period for parking of vehicles described in Article VIII paragraph L of the Declaration of Covenants. The Board establishes a rule allowing 72 hours for the parking of vehicles described in Article VIII, paragraph L. Homeowners who wish to park such a vehicle longer than 72 hours must request a variance to the covenants and this rule. The request must be made in writing, to a member of the Architectural Control Committee, and must include a description of the vehicle, where it is to be parked, how long it will be parked, and the purpose of the parking. The committee will use it’s discretion in the granting or withholding of the variance.


• The Architectural Control Committee is defined in our covenants in Article 6. The ACC is responsible for Article 7 and Article 8. All homeowners should have a neighborhood directory which has the covenants in the back half. Generally speaking, all homeowners need to consult with the ACC for all exterior changes. Exterior changes includes landscaping changes, any sort of new construction, and house painting. See the covenants for a complete definition. Repair work does not have to be approved by the ACC as long as the repairs do not alter the original property exterior.

• Article 8 lists the use restrictions on our properties.

• The procedure for consulting with your ACC is to submit your request in writing to the ACC chair three weeks before beginning the work. The entire ACC will review the request and a written response will be provided either approving  or denying the request. The three week time frame is necessary for reviewing he request and allowing time for any additional explanation or follow-up from the homeowner.

• Feel free to submit any requests by e-mail. The e-mail address for the ACC chair is listed in the newsletter. E-mail requests are easier to circulate within the ACC and can be reviewed more quickly.

• Paint chips must accompany any painting requests. Paint chips must be at least one inch square. If you already have the paint, you may make your own paint chip on a piece of paper. You do not have to use the paint chips from a store. The ACC appreciates your help in providing larger paint chips and more than one set of paint chips. It actually takes the ACC the longest to review a painting request when a single set of paint chips has to be passed from one ACC member to the next.

• If you have any problems reaching the ACC chair, please contact any of the ACC members directly to submit your request. If you can’t reach any of the ACC members, please contact any of the Board members for help.


1. All house painting must be approved by the ACC even if the same colors are being used. This is a recent policy clarification by the Board. As you might expect, mistakes occasionally happen when approving paint colors for a variety of reasons. In those cases where mistakes have been made, the ACC will take the opportunity to correct the mistake when the homeowner decides to repaint the house.

2. Satellite dishes continue to be popular. Please be aware that satellite dishes are governed by item j in the use restrictions listed in Article 8 of the covenants. Therefore, you must consult with the ACC if you plan to install a satellite dish. With the 18″ satellite dish size that is now available, the ACC is routinely approving the installation, but is very concerned with the placement of the dish. The ACC goal is to minimize the visibility of the dish from public areas. In general, satellite dishes should not be mounted on roof tops or chimneys.

3. As a reminder, the ACC will consider requests to roof with composite shake shingles on a case-by- case basis. Wood shake shingles are no longer required. The ACC has some samples of composite shake shingles for anyone that would like to see the grade of composite shake shingle the ACC will consider. As stated in the Covenants, Article 6; Section 4, the Committee shall approve Plans and Specifications submitted for its approval only if it deems that the construction, alterations, or additions contemplated thereby in the locations indicated will not be detrimental to the surrounding area or properties as a whole, and that the appearance of any structure affected thereby will be in harmony with the surrounding structures.

Finance-HOA Dues

A $52 assessment fee is paid quarterly by the Tiffany Homeowners for common Ground maintenance, asset replacement, and other activities. Contact John Adams, Treasurer for THOA with questions about the budget, balance sheet and income statements at