Backyard Structure Standards

Adopted by the Board of Directors on December 9, 2019

ACC Backyard Structure Standards:

ACC Backyard Structure Standards: 12/19

  1. Homeowner shall submit standard project review form to the ACC.
  2. Length and width shall be no more the 85 square feet, as measured by exterior dimensions.
  3. The maximum height from the ground level shall be 9.0 feet
  4. Materials and paint shall blend into the surroundings.
    1. Details of the siding, roofing, color and window placement are required with the submission.
    1. If the structure is prefabricated, the submission shall include pictures and website source and/or brochure and/or flyer.
  5. The exact location of the structure on the property will be shown on a drawn map to be submitted with the application.  The impact on the neighbors of the location of the proposed structure shall be considered.
  6. The ACC will contact impacted neighbors.
  7. The homeowner is required to determine if a building permit is required and if so, apply for and pay all fees for the necessary permit.  The Homeowner shall provide a copy of the permit to the ACC prior to beginning construction or installation of the Detached Backyard Structure.  Upon the completion of the construction or installation, a copy of the certificate of completion from the City will be provided to the ACC.
  8. Ground level playhouse standards are the same as for sheds. 
  9. Elevated playhouse and treehouse standards are the same as above except the height restriction will be 12 feet to the peak of a roof, if there is one.
  10. A more detailed drawing of the exact shape and features will be required and attached to project review form that is submitted to the ACC.
  11. The Homeowner shall have all 811 utility locate services performed and completed prior to project commencement.
  12. The Homeowner must obtain permission from the Tiffany Board if the project abuts the HOA perimeter fence or park.
  13. No construction or installation may commence prior to securing approval from the ACC in writing.
  14. The Homeowner is solely responsible for any costs, losses and damages from non-compliance with the standards and approvals.
  15.  All completely built structures, as of below date, are grandfathered in are considered approved.

       Approved by the Board on 12/9/2019

       Amended March 9, 2020