General Overview of ACC 2016

General Overview of ACC:

Each owner shall keep their front and side yard landscaping in good condition. Grass shall be watered and mowed regularly and not allowed to become dry, overgrown or infested with dandelions or other weeds. Dead branches or entirely dead trees shall be removed. Trees, shrubs or other plantings shallnot be allowed to encroach upon the sidewalk so pedestrians are not hindered. Any weeds need to be regularly removed from landscaped or rocked areas. Landscaping shall have a neat, tidy and uncluttered appearance. Decorative items shall be in good taste and condition and not be too numerous. Side yards, where visible from the street or sidewalk, shall not be used for any sort of storage to include (but not limited to) trash cans, recycle containers, lumber, firewood, compost piles, tree branches, bicycles, lawnmowers, automobile parts, and toys.

Voted on and approved by residents at Annual Member’s Meeting on

November 3, 2016