City of Centennial –a note

This is a friendly reminder to make sure your property compies with recent amendments to the City Municipal Code. Please ensure you comply with the following:

You are maintaining trees on your proerty in a manner that ensures a dead, broken, diseased or bug infested tree doesn’t present a threat to people, property , or other vegetation if tree falls or limb drops.

Any junk or inoperable vehicles you may own are not parked or stored on any part of your private property including rear and side yards, unless they are screened from view by a solid fence or enclosed within a structure.

Your property is free of junk, debris, gargbage, scraps, tires, inoperable quipment or other stockpiled items. These materials are not stored on any part of your property, including rear or side yards, unless they are enclosed in a structure.

Your garbage cans have lids and have been placed for no longer than 24 hours in the public street, not on the sidewalk, to accomodate trash removal. Garbage cans are stored in areas not visible from the street.

For more information, please visit