Roll off and Pod Guidelines

New Tiffany Policy Regarding Roll-Offs & Pods

Some homeowners have expressed concern with the long periods of time that a few homes have had large roll-offs and pods in the driveway or on the street.  A new policy was approved at the regular June Tiffany Board meeting that 1) Requires advanced approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and 2) Puts a time limit of two weeks for a roll-off and 10 days for a pod.  Approval from the ACC should be routine if the homeowner provides expected start and end dates that are within the policy.  A telephone call or e-mail to the ACC will be the most convenient way to get quick approval.  The ACC will entertain an extension to the time limit if a delay in pick-up should occur.  Homeowner cooperation with this new policy is appreciated.

Tiffany Board

June 8, 2020