The State of Tiffany

Tiffany Homeowner’s Association                                                                                           P.O. Box 3392                                                                                                                              Littleton, CO 80161                                                             

THIS IS NOT A STATUS LETTER.  An official status letter includes whether a specific address is currently compliant with ACC Standards and whether it is up to date on HOA fees.  To obtain an official status letter on your property, please call or email Tom Wood, Vice President (contact info above). (If he is not available, contact Roberta Allen). 

The Tiffany neighborhood is located in Centennial, CO, north of Dry Creek between Colorado Blvd. and University Blvd. It is a community of 153 homes; it is a Covenant Controlled Community with an active ACC. Our largest assets are our fence along Dry Creek, our two main entrances, three entrances to the greenbelt and our amazing neighborhood park.  Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who live in Tiffany–which  reflects in our low yearly HOA dues.

There are no assessments for THOA and there have never been assessments in Tiffany. There are no current plans for any assessments. As of November 2017, we have over $100,000 in savings. We have a detailed asset replacement schedule in place and our savings are for such asset replacements.

Our yearly HOA dues are $260.00 and are payable in January. No utilities, or hazard insurance are included in our HOA dues.

Our status letter is $50 payable to Tiffany HOA

Our transfer fee is $250 payable to Tiffany HOA